ST-388 Online

An online service to help property owners and managers fill out the SC tax forms for accomodations (hotel) taxes

The South Carolina Department of Revenue requires taxpayers to report their taxes on Form ST-388 and Form ST-389 (or some other local authority taxing form).

This system is designed to help home owners to properly fill out these forms and take advantage of the various discounts offered on the forms.

Note: We will add the forms for any taxing authority in South Carolina and provide one year of free service to the first customer requesting the additonal form/taxing authority.

This site is open for owners who rent property on the Isle of Palms, SC. Use of the site is free for 12 months from the date of registration. Owners may provide feedback on the site and request upgrades or changes to be incorporated in the site. The site will be sold as a subscription based service starting in 2017. To begin using this site, you will need to register to get an account, then enter data for your property, then use the option to File Tax Return.

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