About ST-388

Bo & Stanley Reahard 

Bo and Stanley Reahard started S & R Promotions, LLC back in 1998 and have been operating successful businesses under this company for more than 24 years. The main office for S & R is in Tampa, Florida. The company manages three different rental properties and two technology companies.

Property Management:
Technology Companies:

We started handling our own rental management in 2005 by listing our beach house on VRBO. Within the first 24 hours we started getting inquiries and have gone on from that time to have our houses rented for almost all of the high season each year since.

During this time we have had to deal with many management issues like generating tenant contracts, collecting rental payments, updating the availability calendar and one of the most fun activities, pay the state and local hotel taxes.

Every month we are required to submit the tax report to the various taxing authorities. We file each month the SC ST388 and the SC ST389 forms for the Isle of Palms property.

We started out filing these manually but as we own a web software development company, over time we began to automate as much of the property management as we could. As of 2022, here are the items we have so far automated:

  • Contact management to track all the renters we have
  • Contract Generator - prepares a specific contract for each renter based on the gross rent due for the selected dates.
  • Contract pricing sheet - shows gross rent due, hotel tax, down payment amount and due date, final payment amount and due date, includes calculations for rental security deposit as well.
  • Payment tracking to apply rental payments against each rental contract
  • Private rental calendar which shows us who is in the house each week - this is synched with the VRBO availability calendar
  • Rental list for cleaning staff - web based list which our cleaning staff uses to see when they need to go to turn over the house.
  • Tax form preparation for SC ST-388
  • Tax form preparation for SC ST-389
  • Tax form preparation for SC ST-3T

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